Lengthen the life of your clothes

Wash less 

You will be saving water and energy if you use that washing machine of yours as little as possible. Try spot cleaning if there are little stains that need tending to. When your clothes really need it, choose a cold-water wash and the shortest wash cycle to keep energy consumption low. Hand washing with a natural washing liquid is even better. 


Hang to dry

Avoid your dryer at all costs. The heat weakens the fibers in the fabric making your clothes more prone to rips and tears. We’re betting the majority of the clothes in your closet will live a longer and healthier life if you place them on a drying rack after their wash cycle is complete. 


Iron less

Similar to the problem of putting your clothes in the hot dryer, the fibers will also be damaged when ironed. It’s best to keep cool and iron less if you want your clothes to last a very long time.


Repair the clothes 

You won’t regret befriending a tailor in your neighbourhood. Your local tailor will be more than happy to put your buttons back on, fix the holes in your pants, and make your shirts fit better than before. This is an inexpensive service that will extend the life of your clothes significantly. 

I bet you’ve driven past a sign that says ‘Tailor’ a hundred times on your way to work. Well, now is the time to go in and say hello.

Sell, swap or donate 

If an article of clothing no longer serves you, we wholeheartedly encourage you to pass it on to someone who wants or needs what you have. There are several online platforms where you can post photos of your clothing and then sell it to someone who likes what you’ve got. 

You can be a leader in your community by organizing clothing swaps. All your guests will bring a bag of clothes they do not need anymore and then everyone looks around at each other’s items until they find something to get excited about.

Donating is always a viable option. Become familiar with social housing and shelter initiatives in a city near you. If you join their email lists or follow them on social media, they often will send out requests for what they need i.e., socks, jackets, shoes, etc.

Buy better 

If you still feel like you need to buy more clothes, shop responsibly. Look for brands with transparent and sustainable values and processes. Choose items that are made with recycled fabrics and/or low impact fibers.

Never throw clothes in the trash

Don’t let anyone catch you throwing clothes in the trash! Extend the life of your clothing as much as possible so our landfills won’t get any more out of control than they already are.