Untraced x 2023

Untraced x 2023

Untraced x 2023

Hi Folks,


Here are some words and thoughts I wanted to share with you at the beginning of this new year (this wasn’t written using ChatGPT, promise!)

2022 was an unprecedented year in many respects (economic, social, geopolitical, climatic, etc.) and like everybody else, we arrived at the end of December wondering what we would have to endure in 2023. So, we read plenty of expert opinions to try to reassure ourselves and find answers, but we realized no one knew anything about what to expect. It was clear we would have to continue to move forward, step by step, trying to be as right as possible when making decisions.

In 2023, we will continue to establish Untraced as the brand that cares about the future of golf and will lead the transformation. And we will focus on these three areas:


  1. We will continue to manage our operations by aligning ourselves with our 10 commitments.
  2. We will continue to talk about climate change, raise awareness and encourage as many people as possible to take action.
  3. And we will also be careful to prioritize and preserve ourselves.


This third point may seem strange for a young company like ours, but I really think it is fundamental today.


Prioritize us? - Yes, because the balance between our personal and professional lives is rarely respected and we often place the cursor incorrectly. We’re a perfect example of making this mistake at Untraced. I recently took the time to reflect on the last three years I spent in Australia, with my family, and I realized I spent almost 70% of my time working on Untraced, a project that brought more stress than happiness. The happy moments I remember were so few, and they were always when I was with my family and friends rather than time spent at work. 

After this realization, I tried to shift my perspective and include a few of Untraced’s victories in my list of happy memories but the happiest moments I can recall from my time spent building Untraced were, again, when my family and friends were involved, and it was typically a weekend rather than a weekday.


I want to change this in 2023 and rebalance the scales. I want my team and I to spend more time on what truly matters and what truly makes us vibrate with happiness.

Don't get me wrong... The Untraced adventure has been beautiful, and I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished. This journey has been full of meaning and excitement; it really deserves attention! However, I don't want to sacrifice our personal lives, even if the mission is beautiful because other aspects of life are also beautiful. And I’m also convinced we can achieve excellent results by thinking of our business not as a wild race but as one component of a balanced lifestyle.


Preserve us?Yes, because the world we live in is going faster and faster, and we’re heading in the wrong direction. All you have to do is open a newspaper to realize it, but despite all the warning signs, we continue down the wrong path without questioning our actions. 

And I want my team and I to protect ourselves from distorted codes and rules that are dictated to us by modern society. I want to stay away from the myth that we must grow and increase the GDP at all costs. I no longer want to subscribe to the idea that happiness only lies in earning lots of money, hoarding material goods, and constantly chasing superficial, meaningless experiences.

Mankind is in the process of disconnecting from the natural world without considering our environment and the future of our living conditions here on earth. I want to remain far away from hyperconsumption and these mirages of success that advertisers keep trying to sell us. Keeping my distance will give us the space I need to have a significant impact on the golf industry and, hopefully, a significant impact on the world.


So in 2023, we will move forward, yes, but in our own way and we will take the time to think and respect the natural world that surrounds us. Kind of like playing golf, we will focus, think about our options, take the time to choose the best golf club, and play without hurting anyone or destroying our environment. We're going to take the time to talk between swings, enjoy time with friends, and, most importantly, we're going to have a few drinks after to celebrate the game.


And who knows, maybe next December we’ll realize we didn’t come in first place, but we had a nice year? Maybe we’ll say it was worth the effort? Maybe we’ll have proven that another way of doing things is possible?

We wish you the best for 2023, and we hope you take time for yourself. We wish for you to enjoy time with your family and friends and to do whatever makes you feel happy and fulfilled.

Happy New Year Friends! Cheers!