Untraced Golfing. Technical polo recycled polyester for golf and day to day life. For men and Women. Question the codes.

We are Untraced. And our mission is to make golf inclusive, attractive and fun.

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More concretely, we want to see more women, more kids, more teenagers and overall, more diversity out on the courses. 

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To make this a reality, we are going to question and challenge every traditional codes of golf, rethink them, improve them and propose something new. 

And the first golf code we've decided to start with is the dress code. 

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While we were chatting to all the people we've interviewed, we realised that today’s golf dress code was a real barrier that needed a serious revamp, taking it from a bit of a cliché to something more attractive and practical. 

But most importantly, we've also realized that there was currently no environmentally-responsible golf brand that combines design, functionality and clean materials out there.

We have decided to change that.

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We launched Untraced in November 2020 on Indiegogo, a crowdfunding platform. The campaign lasted 1 month and we reached our financial goal in 3 days.

Check out our video campaign below. We explain everything about the origin of Untraced and the philosophy of the project.

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