There are over two billion tonnes of clothing and shoes thrown away each year around the world… We saw this as good news because it meant plenty of materials available for us to be recycled…

OK, this isn’t exactly ‘good news’, but we’re trying to be enthusiastic about solving this massive trash problem. Producing recycled materials is infinitely better than making virgin materials, so we decided to search high and low for recycled fabric and trims.

Our first round of production was very small compared to most fashion brands. And unfortunately, it was impossible to have all of our materials made from recycled fibers, so we had to get creative when sourcing. 

We started gathering deadstock materials (a deadstock fabric comes from the leftovers of another brand’s fabric order) and other kinds of waste thrown away by the mills.

Our non-recycled materials are all Bluesign approved. We have great faith in this label. They set high standards for the textile industry in terms of sustainability and work safety for all employees, and this is a certification we will continue to look for.

All our materials were sourced in Japan, China and Thailand and were shipped by sea to our local factory in Brisbane, Australia. 

  • The recycled polyester we used for the polos came from JONG STIT CO LTD, Bangkok, Thailand 
  • The nylon we used for the jackets came from TORAY INTL INC, Osaka, Japan  
  • The other recycled fabrics we used for the jackets came from ZETATEX CO LTD, Taiwan, China 
  • All our zippers came from YKK OCEANIA LTD, Kingsgrove, Australia

Although sourcing deadstock is a great option, it clearly remains our goal to produce clothing made of 100% recycled materials. A goal we are committed to achieving on V2 of our golf jackets and polos.