V1 Golf Jacket and Polo



Long before our V1 golf jacket and golf polo were designed, we interviewed many golfers, men and women, to find out how they felt about the golf dress code. As predicted, the consensus was that golf wear was outdated, pretentious, and cliché. We realized golf style was desperate for a touch of modernity so it could once again be fun, attractive, and practical.

We set out to reinvent golf apparel. One year later, our V1 Golf Jacket and V1 Golf Polo were born. 

During the sourcing stage, we expanded the mission of Untraced from making golf cool to making golf cool and sustainable. This happened when we saw the “behind the scenes” of the textile industry and realized how much damage this industry was causing.

The vision for our first product launch was to make timeless gender-neutral golf wear that was functional, sustainable and not just for golfing. These were our values, and here’s how each value turned out. 



The V1 golf jacket ended up with 15+ features, all were specific to the needs of golfers. There are inverted raglan sleeves with stretch fabric on the shoulders so you can swing comfortably. This feature is great, but nothing tops the 3x tee holder we put into the left side of the jacket and the polo.

The fabric is functional too. There is waterproof fabric where you need it most and breathable mesh for your sweatiest spots. Don’t even get us started on the pockets, there are pockets for your cards, sunglasses, pencil, and scorecard.



The V1 golf polo was designed with movement in mind. The underarm gussets and inverted raglan sleeves let you swing with ease. If strategic seams weren’t enough, there’s 4-way stretch fabric as well. There are zero restrictions in the polo so you only have yourself to blame if that swing doesn’t go as planned.

Naturally, we couldn’t resist adding storage to the polo. There’s a hidden zippered pocket so you won’t lose your cards or keys and storage for your golf tees.


Interviewing golfers and finding out which features they would enjoy was very fun to do and engineering each feature into the design was like putting a puzzle together. Perhaps it sounds like we went a little overboard with adding functionality, but it truly was a fascinating experience to go through.


Sustainable Materials

A head-spinning number of hours went into researching the highest quality and most sustainable materials available on the market. 

We were lucky enough to be offered deadstock materials, meaning the unused meters of fabric left behind by other brands. Other forms of waste and recycled materials were all considered our treasures.

Despite our best efforts, it was very challenging to secure 100% recycled materials. For example, our waterproof fabric in the golf jacket is made of 52% recycled nylon. 

We invite you to jump into the materials section to know more detail about our chosen fabrics and trims.



Not just for golfing

We knew we wanted to make these designs full of golf-specific features, but we didn’t want our products to look like they could only be worn on the golf course. It was important to us that you got your money's worth and could wear the jacket and polo any day of the week. 

Our designer has a knack for knowing what’s cool in fashion and she did a great job of making these pieces very modern, minimal, and comfortable for everyday use.