Untraced golfing. Our strategy and first challenge. Golf Jacket. Men and women. Recycled materials.

The Origin Story of Untraced (2/5) - The first challenge

Untraced golfing. Our strategy and first challenge. Golf Jacket. Men and women. Recycled materials.

As I mentioned in the previous article, our mission is to make golf inclusive, attractive, and fun. We want to see people of varying ages, genders, cultures, and beliefs join together on the golf course.

So, how will we proceed? We’re going to question every traditional code of golf, figure out where there is room for improvement, and then get to work on making change happen.

The first golf code we decided to start with is the dress code. Why this one? 

While interviewing people about golf, we realized that today’s golf dress code was a barrier that was keeping people from trying the sport. The dress code needs to be taken from cliché to something more attractive and practical. 

We interviewed people to find out how they felt about the golf dress code, watch this video to hear their thoughts on the matter:




As the research phase continued, we also realized that there are currently no eco-conscious golf wear brands that combine design, functionality, and clean materials out there. I thought this was just senseless.

Golf is all about nature, but the golf wear industry doesn’t reflect this in its products. It’s complete nonsense if you ask me. How can we expect golf to be inspiring for generations to come if it doesn’t reflect the concerns of our modern society?

It became clear that the golf dress code was going to be our first challenge, so we got to work. We began by diving into the golf wear market and getting to know what other brands were up to. We also continued interviewing golfers and non-golfers to find out more about their feelings towards golf wear.

We kept researching until the vision and purpose for Untraced became clear. This level of clarity prepared us for designing what would soon be the best golf jacket and polo on the market.

There were thousands of options to choose from for materials. What we considered to be the best materials were all recycled, Bluesign approved and had short distances to travel from mill to factory. We managed to get the best materials to our factory in Brisbane, Australia, so our first prototypes could be produced.

I had an incredible team working long hours to design the most innovative golf wear products, source the best materials, and engage with a local factory. My team and I were beaming with excitement over getting this brand launched so the world could see what we had been working on.

It took us one year to get from a clear vision to a real-life prototype. It was a crazy and fascinating experience.

Keep reading the origin story of Untraced to find out what happened during our launch. In this five-part series, I will be reflecting on the ups and downs of completing a successful crowdfunding campaign.

This story has been written from my perspective, my name is Arthur, and I am the founder of Untraced. If you have any questions or comments, I invite you to get in touch with me directly: hello@untracedgolfing.com

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