Untraced golfing story. The origin of the project.

The Origin Story of Untraced (1/5) - The original mission

Untraced golfing story. The origin of the project.

The Untraced story began at the end of 2019 when I first read these surprising statistics: 75% of golfers around the world are men and 75% of golfers around the world are over the age of 45. Yes. 75% (sometimes more depending on the source).   

This means that ¾ of golfers around the world are men over the age of 45. Does this sound right to you? I thought this seemed like a huge waste, it made me very sad and I wanted to do something that could change these numbers.

Once I got my team on board with solving this problem, we decided to dig further and find the origin of this stupid situation. We talked to a lot of people, men, and women, young and old, from Australia and beyond. We asked everyone the same question; why don’t you play golf? 

I've picked out a few of the best answers for you : 



As we listened to all their answers, we realised why golf wasn't attractive to so many people today. That’s what got us down because golf doesn’t have to be stuffy, gray, or pretentious like our interviewees currently believe.

Golf is an amazing sport with a beautiful story to tell. It’s simple, fun, challenging, great for self-development, and it’s the perfect way to connect with friends, family, and nature.

With all the shit that’s happening out there in the world, I also think we all need the benefits of golf now more than ever. And no, it’s not just men over the age of 45 who should be reaping the benefits.

That’s how Untraced was born and our mission is to make golf inclusive, attractive and fun.

As I am editing this blog post in 2021, I will warn you that the mission has changed ever so slightly since 2019. Although I will always hold onto the roots of the brand and continue advocating for inclusivity in golf, too many surprises developed that it would have been foolish not to change course.

(I’ll give you a hint, the surprises arose when we began producing clothing and seeing what an unnatural disaster the fashion industry was leaving behind.)

To find out where Untraced ended up, keep reading the origin story of Untraced.

This story has been written from my perspective, my name is Arthur, and I am the founder of Untraced. If you have any questions or comments, I invite you to get in touch with me directly: hello@untracedgolfing.com

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