Untraced is now a proud member of "En Mode Climat"

Untraced is now a proud member of "En Mode Climat"

Untraced is now a proud member of "En Mode Climat"

Untraced is now a proud member of En Mode Climat.

En Mode Climat is a French coalition of textile users (brands, factories, media, etc.) who have united for a virtuous fight against the textile industry’s damaging environmental impact. 

Untraced is a small and isolated brand; we will be unable to create any significant changes on our own. We genuinely believe that together, we can make a difference.

En Mode Climat is here to change laws and ensure the textile industry is obligated to fight against climate change. Their goal is to have the textile industry divide its greenhouse gas emissions by three before 2050.

Why should we change the laws? En Mode Climat will tell you… 

  • Because technical and technological solutions won’t be enough to achieve this goal.
  • Because the Fast Fashion creators will keep producing cheap clothing en masse without an economic incentive to question their ways.
  • Because the harsh competition in the industry pushes brands to produce overseas where cheap labour is available.
  • Because the fashion Industry encourages consumers to buy more and more and more... and more. 
  • And because today, producing unethically and creating sh*t products is more profitable than doing what is right for the planet and its inhabitants 

The textile sector will only reduce its emissions if the law obliges all players to change their ways. Governments are the only ones able to promote fair practices and unauthorize bad ones. 

We are onboard with the En Mode Climat plan to legislate new laws against textile importations and harmful practices of traditional fashion (deceptive marketing, absurd greenwashing, constant foolish sales, etc.). We are here to relocate the textile industry to Europe and favor repairing and upcycling of used clothes.


Want to know more about the En Mode Climat proposal? Check out their website and propositions. Content is in French. 

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