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We’ve talked about circularity in previous sections, but we have not yet defined it. So, what is circularity? What is a circular business model? How do we operate circularly on a daily basis? And what are the advantages of such a model? 

Circularity is a beautiful cycle where we make clothing with raw materials that are natural, recycled, or waste. Then, the clothing gets worn until it can be worn no more. At the end of this garment’s life, the raw materials are extracted and turned into something new.  

We love the idea of having one garment recycled an infinite number of times. This cycle never ends, thus eliminating waste and the need for resources to be pulled from the earth ever again. 

To date, this is the most sustainable option ever invented. The circular economy is still an unwritten space where the possibilities are endless, and we look forward to sharing our findings with you every step of the way. 

In our case, circularity means we must consider where our products will end up when our golfers can no longer wear them. It means designing a garment with already recycled materials that can be regenerated and transformed into something else at the end of its life. 

The outcome is beautiful: we don’t destroy ecosystems by extracting natural resources to make new materials, we eliminate waste, and we extend the life of raw materials. A bonus is that in the long term, it’s cost-effective and climate-friendly.

Here is how we have implemented circularity into our operations at Untraced: 


Circularity. Untraced Golfing.

Co-Creation -

We design based on your requests

This is a move we’ve made since the very beginning. Before Untraced even had a logo or an Instagram, we were asking golfers ‘what is it we can do for you?’

Only recently have we joined the fight against climate change. Now, we make zero design decisions until we have consulted with the golfers and climate change experts in our community. 

We do this to make sure no product ends up wasted - adding to the trash problem of the fashion industry is NOT our goal. We must make sure we are filling a need or our products will never leave the shelf.



Circular Design -

Our products are made to be recycled

In a circular economy, it is the responsibility of the company to consider where their products are going to end up. Our clothing is designed to be taken apart so each component can be reused – only when you’re done wearing it, of course. 



Raw Materials -

Are these materials recycled? Can they be recycled again?

When designing with circularity in mind, we are always looking backward and forwards. Where are our materials coming from? Where are they going? We hunt for recycled materials and then make sure they can be recycled again and again.

The carbon footprint of the fabric is equally important. We consider whether or not the levels of carbon can be offset before making any decisions. 



Pre-Ordering -

You buy first, we make later

For our V1 golf jackets and polos, we released our designs online for people to order. Then, we got to work ordering enough materials and getting the clothing made. 

This way, nothing is wasted - there is no extra inventory. Also, if our design is a bust we will know before we go into production. We are obsessed with growing this aspect of our business into a perfect system because the waste-eliminating benefits are too good to pass up. Keep an eye out as we improve pre-ordering on V2. 



Production -

Working with factories who are dedicated to reducing carbon emissions

We have no intention of building a golf wear brand that plays any part in destroying the planet. This is why we’re climbing our way up to low-carbon production. 

This goal will be achieved in two ways; producing in countries running primarily on renewable energy and then offsetting any carbon that does end up being emitted. We’re aware perfection may never be achieved but we will never stop trying. We will only partner with factories who share the same vision of a low-carbon world. 



Packaging -

Saying YES to zero waste

When you order online, your clothing will arrive in a cardboard box which has been made from recycled materials. We would love it if you and your kids used this cardboard for your next crafting project. If not, you can go ahead and put it in your blue bin to be recycled by the city.



Shipping -

Saying NO to air travel

Our products are shipped by land and/or sea. You will maybe have to wait a little longer - you have not purchased from a ‘fast fashion’ brand, you have chosen to support a brand that supports the planet. Air travel is unnecessarily harmful to the environment and so, we have decided to say no.



Customer Commitment -

Your job is to wear it, take care of it, and repair it

What we ask of you is simple, wear your Untraced golf wear all the time! On and off the course, wear it to the mall, on date night - we don’t care just as long as you’re wearing it. 

Wash your golf wear occasionally. Wash in cold water and hang to dry. There’s no need to wash it every day or even every week; just make sure you’re getting those ketchup stains out ASAP. 

When the day comes, and you find the first hole in the fabric or a thread that has come loose - repair it! Our clothing is made with quality in mind, but no piece of clothing is invincible. Don’t be afraid to walk into your local tailor and ask for a fix-up so you can wear your golf jacket and polo for another 10 years. 

If your golf wear is beyond repair or you no longer want to wear it, return it to us for upcycling. 



Upcycling -

Make your old garment new again

Upcycling keeps products out of the landfill and eliminates the need to extract natural resources to make new raw materials. Send your unwearable Untraced golf wear back to us for upcycling. We will receive a new challenge of turning old into new, and you will receive a discount code to use in our online shop.



Carbon Offset -

For every capsule collection, we will calculate and offset carbon emissions

We are currently calculating our carbon footprint every step of the way. Once we have the figures, we will make up for the damage we’ve done and then work hard to find ways of reducing our impact on the next capsule collection. We are currently crunching the numbers from the production of our V1 golf jackets and polos. 

Everything is there, friends! And today we are confident that your Untraced clothes will be your lifelong best friends. We are also aware that you might want to change it after a while, we are eager to take it back and recycle or upcycle every millimeter of material so nothing with our name on it ends up in a landfill. 


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