Our 10 Commitments


Let me introduce you to our 10 commitments 

When we started Untraced, we knew we wanted to stand against fast, ultra fast or real-time fashion and poor quality products but something blocked us for a few weeks. We were not anxious about the success or failure of our company. We were terrified of also contributing to the damage generated by this industry. We were wondering if a new brand was necessary or not. We were wondering if the world really needed more clothes? 

After reading a lot and thinking it through, the answer appeared to be yes, under these 10 strict conditions:  


Day to Day Operations: 

1. Drastically reduce our reliance on fossil fuels in our manufacturing facilities and invest in renewable energy

2. Invest in recycled and/or plant-based materials that were produced in a climate-friendly way

3. Apply the principles of a circular economy to the life-cycle of our clothes 

4. Implement a plan to make the right quantity of clothes to avoid overproduction

5. Investigate and invest in the best solution for packaging 

6. Investigate and invest in the best solution for shipping 


Philosophy and Message:

7. Never get caught up in the bad habits of traditional fashion (deceptive marketing, absurd greenwashing, dark patterns, constant foolish sales...)
8. Never encourage you to buy more than what you truly need  
9. Always be transparent and keep our community updated about our progress/challenges and talk in a language that makes it easy to understand without being greenwashers
10. Always inform our community about what happens in the fashion world and what is, according to us, right or wrong



We have pulled up a seat next to the few companies that have set out to make a difference.

Let’s come back to a more ethical and virtuous system. Let’s stop  overproducing and over consuming. It does not make any sense anymore. We are the first generation to live with the consequences of global warming, and we are also the last to be given a chance to act. 


Want to start making a difference with us? 

  •   Read the summary of the 2021 IPCC report. No, it is not that hard
  •   Talk about climate change with your friends and family
  •   Slow down your pace of life, consumption, and travel habits
  •   Play more golf… Locally! 

Do you have any doubts? Any questions? Please, shoot us an email: hello@untracedgolfing.com